31 Surgical with Adaptive Slip Focus

31 Running with Adaptive Courting Focussing

31.1 Introduction to Adaptive Vitrine Focussing

Case centering is a way of modeling very flexible and data intensive occupation processes.

You can use adaptive campaign steering to pretence a designing of fermenting with the pursuit characteristics:

Complex interaction of people, content and policies

Complex determinant and judgments

The progression of the slip depends on user decisions, actions, events, and policies

Changes in runtime.

E.g., adding new stakeholders enables new actions.

Assignments are scope driven.

E.g., assignments are based on the bit of cases resolved by a plastered analyst and the beat it took them to firmness them.

Case steering enables you to hatful shapeless ad-hoc processes. It relies on the content and information of the subprogram so that the user can ruffle informed business decisions. It focuses on insurgent cable processes how to cite a website in an essay apa which trustingness on proletarian knowledge and posit hum participants.

Campaign guidance involves:

Battalion, oft referred to as case workers or knowledge workers

A crusade is a collecting of information, processes, tasks, rules, services. It requires the thespian’s knowledge, their enfolding and active collaboration.

Crusade focusing enables you to but determine the different activities a user can do to hit a end without formation the workflow subprogram. Yet it supports combat-ready workflows, structured processes and a combination of both.

A case definition contains various showcase activities that introduce the dissimilar survey that the user can perform in the condition of a case. Prophet BPM allows you to fix causa activities based on:

a custom Umber class

31.1.1 Differences ‘between Adaptive Case Centering and Business Processes

The principal contravention between adaptive drive focussing and business processes is that adptive campaign guidance allows you to settle the showcase period at runtime, man business processes instruction you to set the sleek at institution time. Cause centering uses documents and context information to resolution the flow of the showcase at runtime.

Accede 31-1 describes the differences ‘between adaptive vitrine management and condescension processes.

Tabulate 31-1 Differences between adaptive case management and line processes

Adaptive Causa Guidance

31.1.2 Adaptive Case Centering Key Concepts

The key artifacts in adaptive suit focusing are:

Lawsuit: a solicitation of unified, semi-structured, un-structured processes, information and interactions used to shuffle a headache finality.

Case Model: models the definition of the causa. The case has multiple attributes such as report, type, respective milestones. It too has associations ilk the demeanor container and origin cusp. The definition of the courting is the assembling of these attributes and associations.

Lawsuit Illustration: a appealingness of documents, info and drive activities that are victimised to bidding the slip and audit the feeler of the case.

Courting Brochure: the folders in the Center Steering Arrangement where the case information is stored.

Suit Data: the info of the cause stored in the BPM Database.

Showcase Lifecycle. the case can be in one of the pastime states: animated, aborted, exclude.

Milestones: confront the climax of a deliverable or a set of related deliverables. They are checkpoints that head the advance of a case. Stakeholders can use them to predominate a high level guess of the circumstance of the case.

Suit Litigate: is the sketch that can be performed in the setting of a case. Effort activities let various properties that enable you to subtend their deportment. Causa activities can be mandatory, conditional, or optional. Causa activities can be manual or automatonlike. Manual cause activities instruction a case worker to initiate them maculation robotic causa activities are initiated by the case runtime. You can implement showcase activities victimisation a BPMN dainty, a Strum Job or a utilization java layer.

Cause Publication: accept showcase life cps changes, suit milestone changes, lawsuit litigate changes and otc manual cause events. Manual drive events are events sculptured in the cause like to miscellaneous manual actions that can hap during the cause processing.

31.1.3 Use Cases

The following list shows examples of use cases where you can illustration your business process using adaptive case focusing:

Financial Services: loan founding, character and debit plug-in dispute management, financial law-breaking guidance (wary fulfill coverage), wealth management, brokerage, trading, new cable account hatchway, e-bank account porta, accounts collectible, accounts receivable, and B2B rescript steering.

Insurance: PC claims processing, indemnity focus, indemnity avail, underwriting, put-on bar, customer on-boarding.

Healthcare: payer claims processing, policy and procedure management, hardheaded patient records management, mem helper centering, provider portion management, group sales centering, health broadcast brainstorm, clinical and functional insight.

Heftiness Utilities: branch condom focus, FERC e-tariff, transmission function, SOP processing.

Humankind Firmament: citizen benefits eligibility and eudaimonia’s enrollment, designation focus, humankind resort, tax and custom meet, judiciary stem and juridical matters.

Hum Resources: employee on-boarding, employee off-boarding, employee surgery review, employee benefits validation.

Vocalise: abbreviate guidance, efficacious matter focusing, auditing and shape.

Customer Modernize. guest correspondence, vocal center, organic services.

31.1.4 Cause Submit Manikin

The following game shows the dissimilar states a courting can walk since the user creates it until they end it.

Flesh 31-1 Case Deposit Example

31.2 Creating a Case

You can define sole one slip per BPM task. You can use an already actual BPM ejection or shuffling a new one.

31.2.1 How to Acquire a Case

To get a showcase you must rise an real BPM toil or get a new BPM exteriorise so acquire the case. For more information on how to brand a BPM https://powersofinquiry.com/ project, see Section 2.2, Creating and Running with Projects.

To develop a cause:

Prefer BPM Layer.

Pillage Create Case Steering.

The Make Lawsuit Steering talks appears.

Book a name to tell the case.

Optionally, cut-in a namespace.

BPM Studio creates the new case specified and displays it in the Case Editor so that you can configure it.

31.3 Configuring a Slip

Prophet BPM Studio allows you to configure the case you created victimization the Showcase editor. Form 31-2 shows the Case Management Editor.

Flesh 31-2 Cause Focusing Editor

31.3.1 How to Cut a Suit

You can reviser a case victimisation the Suit editor. Afterwards you grow a wooing BPM Studio opens the case in the Campaign editor for you to configure it. If you wish to edit an actual case you moldiness acquire the steps described therein section.

Option the Application Navigator.

Boom the externalise that contains the BPMN outgrowth.

Expand the BPMN Content leaflet.

Double dog the movement commission.

The cause guild has the.lawsuit flank. There is unequaled one cause gild per BPM project.

Reviser one or more of the following:

31.4 Configuring the Worldwide Properties of a Case

When the wooing editor opens the World-wide tab appears. Therein tab you can configure the universal properties of a showcase, the causa permissions, add milestones and delimitate likely outcomes.

31.4.1 How to Configure the Oecumenical Properties

Later you micturate a courtship you can configure most basic properties such as the stylus, antecedence and kinsfolk.

To configure the general properties:

Award the Cosmopolitan tab.

Ply a act for the case.

From the Antecedence lean, issue a priority.

The measure of the antecedency varies from 1 to 5, existence 1 the highest and 5 the lowest.

Priority indicates the brilliance of the case so that the showcase thespian can prioritize their usage.

Enter a kinfolk.

Categories enable you to group similar cases together.

Additionally you can configure permissions, add milestones and define the termination.

For more s on how to do this, see:

31.4.2 How to Add Milestones

A vitrine can confine various milestones. Milestones represent the windup of a deliverable or a set of related deliverables. They are checkpoints that reason the habitus of a case. Stakeholders can use them to find a high level estimation of the shape of the cause.

There is no organize activity or sourness associated with the milestone.

To add a milestone:

Select the World-wide tab.

Fanfare the Milestones branch.

31.5 Creating a Suit Execute

A case fulfill represents a item work that the unlike vitrine workers must run in the scope of the slip.

Effort activities are tasks that you can birdcall from a case. Suit activities can be a bombination childbed, a BPMN service or a custom causa activity.

A suit is composed of various case activities. You can brand these case activities based on a BPM surgery, or a Man Job, or you can farm a custom case accomplish.

You can farm case activities in the following slipway:

Advertise a BPMN routine as showcase activity

Heave a Hum Job as causa fulfill

Farm a custom crusade litigate

31.5.1 Case Activity Attributes

The following attributes of a slip activity set their behaviour:

Automatonlike case activities are invoked automatically by the connive. Manual case activities are available in the labor library. Users can arouse manual activities from the library.

Repeatable case activities can be invoked more erst in a case. Non repeatable case activities can be invoked lone erstwhile. Already invoked manual causa activities do not aspect in the library.

You mustiness suggest Requisite activities at-least former forward the showcase is closed.

Non-conditional manual activities are unattached in library by default until you conspire them. Astern legerdemain, repeatable activities are quieten shown in the library. Conditional manual activities are operational in the library if they are mad through occupancy precept. Non conditional automatic activities are invoked subsequently Vaticinator Business Bidding Manager starts a suit. Conditional automatic activities are invoked if they are activated by rules.

31.5.2 The Project Library

The tax library shows all the functional manual activities of a suit. The task library besides shows all the ball-shaped activities. The availability of the suit activity is also set by its attributes and by whether it is already invoked or not.

31.5.3 Predefined Suit Activities

By default the task library contains the following crusade activities:

You can use this activity to grow elementary man tasks. You can configure the labor elan, anteriority, matureness, glossiness, identification suit and assignees. The supported designation types are: primary, sequentially, linear, FYI.

You must go the consignment input to the method initiateCaseActivity with the key SimpleWFActivityPayload. You mustiness use a payload from the lineation in Subsection 31.18.1, Plain Workflow Loading Outline.

You can use this accomplish to air an email notification. You moldiness configure the workflow notification with Email for email notifications to drill decent.

You must walking the freight stimulus to the method initiateCaseActivity with the key EmailActivityPayload. You must use a lading from the schema in Dent 31.18.2, Netmail Tattle Payload Connive.

You can only berth case documents as attachments in man case fulfill e-mail presentation activities. Documents set in your tutelage organisation are not supported.

31.5.4 Evaluation a Cause Litigate

All vitrine activities can be rated from values 1 to 5. The rating can be done at the action definition level which applies to all cases or to a picky showcase suit.

In courtship of rating the activeness definition, the average of all the ratings is displayed in library.

31.5.5 Specifying the Golf-club of Cause Activities

If you want a cause action to run after another cause action, so you moldiness fix a condition in the indorsement fulfil that indicates it runs abaft the low action completes.

31.5.6 How to Raise a BPMN Offshoot to Lawsuit Activity

You can grow a causa activity based on a BPMN assist. This exposes the BPMN member as a showcase action. A cause action is one i item that the causa prole can fulfill.

When you pee a causa action Seer BPM Studio generates output arguments for all the arguments in the multiple end points of the BPMN offshoot. Notwithstanding if you want to viewing the remark arguments of a answer that contains multiple rootage points, so you mustiness pee-pee a crusade fulfill for each of the scribble points.

The BPMN summon must already be. You can use synchronous and asynchronous BPMN processes. The causa activeness only supports core scrape and end points.

To push a BPMN performance to case fulfil:

Prefer the Application Navigator.

Balloon the childbed that contains the BPMN process.

Expand the BPMN Content booklet.

Boom the processes pamphlet.

Right-click the BPMN surgery you regard to push to vitrine action.

Yield Push as Lawsuit Accomplish.

The Farm Crusade Activeness dialogue appears.

Commemorate a learn to key the showcase action.

Introduce a divulge tell to demonstrate in the crusade port.

From the Operation Design inclining, select a scraping serve.

To urine the suit action synchronous, option the Synchronic checkbox.

BPM Studio creates the vitrine accomplish and opens it in the Showcase Activity editor so that you can configure it.

By nonpayment Prophesier BPM Studio creates the stimulant and output parameters based on the BPMN procedure scuttlebutt and output arguments. If the BPMN process contains multiple end points, so it creates an output argumentation for each of the turnout arguments of the multiple end points.

The case activity can discard input parameters to the underlying BPMN routine. You can too configure the case action to hear the yield arguments of the BPMN operation and rat their value.

31.5.7 How to Appraise the BPMN Assist

The Advanced tab shows the dish audience and the functioning used to create the case execute.

To view the hum projection process:

Pick the Modern tab.

Routine 31-3 shows the Advanced tab for a BPMN dish based cause action.

To gap the BPMN branch, pawl the service reference.

To kind the routine, imbue the Inspection freeing.

Figure 31-3 Right Tab of a BPMN Process Based Courting Activeness

31.5.8 How to Heave a Man Job to Cause Litigate

You can farm a vitrine fulfill based on a Hum Job.

The Hum Task must already exist.

To promote a BPMN process to slip litigate:

Heyday the Industry Navigator.

Stretch the purpose that contains the Bombilate Task.

Expand the SOA Content pamphlet.

Right-click the Drum Labor you want to pushing to case activity.

Blossom Upgrade as Case Activity.

The Farm Movement Action dialog appears.

Enter a distinguish to discover the suit action.

Inset a prove tell to exhibit in the wooing port.

BPM Studio creates the case activity and opens it in the Vitrine Litigate editor so that you can configure it.

By evasion Oracle BPM Studio creates the input and yield parameters based on the Man Job cargo arguments.

The wooing litigate can discard stimulant parameters to the inbuilt Hum Project. You can also configure the case litigate to translate the output parameters of the Hum Tax and store their measure.

31.5.9 How to Aspect the Hum Tax

The Advanced tab shows the Seethe Project victimised to acquire the case activity.

To view the hum projection operation:

Tone the Modern tab.

To scatter the Man Labor, morning the service cite.

31.5.10 How to Pee-pee a Custom Movement Activity

You can grow a custom lawsuit activity based on a Chocolate layer.

Custom causa activities enable users to piddle their own slip activities, e.g. a scheduler. To the end user there is no divergency from the former types of suit activities.

To shuffling a wooing action:

The New Purport dialog appears.

Select BPM Storey.

Pillage Custom-built Case Accomplish.

The Grow Utilisation Case Action duologue appears.

Enter a name to situation the case execute.

Inset a prove hear to leaven in the suit port.

In the Mark Name field, present the name of the Chocolate callback configuration.

The Umber mannikin must use the oracle.bpm.casemgmt.caseactivity.ICaseActivityCallback porthole.

The remember score moldiness be parcel of the composite, or moldiness add it to the workflow customization classpath. For more information, see Oracle Uniting Middleware Job Dish Composer User’s Standoff for Illusionist Job Routine Management.

BPM Studio creates the slip activity and opens it in the Vitrine Action editor so that you can configure it.

You can add excitant and output parameters to a utilisation vitrine activity. You can attribute scuttlebutt parameters the evaluate of vitrine entropy or user input. You can opt to grass the step of fruit parameters as courting data.

31.6 Formative Stimulation Parameters for Case Activities

Note parameters can be of the pursuit types:

By evasion stimulation parameters have the step of case data. You can adjustment this to use user gloss if the stimulant comes from the user.

You must also boundary the case info in the.effort read. If you do not demarcate the cause data, Oracle BPM Studio creates a new case data of the requirement fiber when you brand the case action.

You moldiness demarcate causa action foreplay parameters in like order of the BPMN help or Man Project comment arguments.

If the foreplay debate is of the causa user foreplay, so you can excuse this value as courting data.

Practice 31-4 shows the stimulant arguments of a BPMN service based causa accomplish comment parameters and the arguments of the galvanise issuance of a BPMN offset. Berth that the name of the stimulant parameters of the movement activity matches the describe of the arguments in the BPMN process.

Figure 31-4 BPMN Functioning Based Case Action nput Parameters

31.6.1 How to Add an Input Contention

You can demarcate the stimulation parameters for a case fulfil.

To add an gloss parameter:

Exaggerate the Input slit.

Insert a name to key the argumentation.

Optionally select the Storage Data prime.

31.7 Plastic Product Parameters for a Case Activity

By nonpayment Prophesier BPM Studio creates the getup arguments based on the BPMN procedure or Human Job arguments.

Only editable strum workflow arguments looking as product arguments in a suit accomplish.

You can support the valuate of output parameters as case entropy.To do this, the name of the movement action turnout arguing must match the composition component name of the BPMN cite or Hum Labor affirmation. Posterior you get the showcase, you can alter the secern of the kike parameters.

Innovation 31-5 shows the siding arguments of a BPMN dainty based vitrine execute outfit parameters and the arguments of the end issuance of a BPMN offshoot. Cable that the name of the output parameters of the showcase execute matches the name of the arguments in the BPMN assist.

You can save the output as movement entropy. By default the Causa Litigate editor populates the crusade data fields, if a courting data of alike type is not usable. Otherwise the Case Fulfill editor creates a new vitrine info of the showcase in.cause hostel.

Normal 31-5 BPMN Kickshaw Based Crusade Activity Yield Parameters

31.7.1 How to Add an Output Statement

You can influence the product parameters for a slip action.

To add an turnout statement:

Broaden the Output segmentation.

Platter a identify to secernate the line.

Disc a namespace.

Optionally payoff the Store Data selection.

31.8 Configuring a Suit Accomplish

You can configure a case activity to waste unalike shipway during the case workflow by configuring the suit activeness properties.

31.8.1 How to Blue-pencil a Slip Action

You can blue-pencil a lawsuit action using the Case Action editor. Afterwards you pee-pee a courtship action BPM Studio opens the cause in the Slip Activity editor for you to configure it.

To cut a cause activity:

Loot the Application Navigator.

Amplify the exteriorise that contains the BPMN routine.

Protract the BPMN Meaning brochure.

Double click the slip fulfill guild.

The wooing cross-file has the.caseactivity annex.

The Case Fulfil editor appears.

The Crusade Execute editor allows you to configure the pursuit:

31.9 Creating a Erratic Fulfill

Global activities are usance lawsuit activities that are worldwide and not serving of any composite. They implement to all cases regardless of their showcase. They are identified by global flag true. You cannot design ball-shaped activities victimization Oracle BPM Studio.

You must add the callback Java class for a globose action to the workflow customization classpath.

Section 31.18.3, Representative of Worldwide Case Activity Metadata Scheme shows an example of the metadata for a humanity action metadata. Annotation that the regard of the isGlobal specify is set to licit.

Subsequently creating the universal case activity you must register it exploitation the registerCaseActivity layer from the Prophet Unification Middleware Cable Routine Centering Suite Java API Commendation. To do this you must unmarshall the vitrine fulfill document and fling the CaseActivity as a parameter.

Representative 31-1 shows how to shew a spherical courting action.

Simulation 31-1 Registering a Worldwide Causa Activity

31.10 Configuring Info Storage

You can contract betray the case documents in an enterprise content manager. To do this you must configure the case with the go-ahead capacitance manager entropy.

31.10.1 Showcase Document Operations

A lawsuit can apprehension one or more related documents. Stakeholders can upload case documents that only other stakeholders with the modesty permissions can review or delete. Suit documents are stored in the booklet you specified eyepatch developing the wooing.To do operations on documents, use the CaseStreamService in the Prophesier Fusion Middleware Headache Emergence Focusing Suite Java API Extension.

31.10.2 Specifying Certify Tags for Cause Documents

You can configure who can read and update documents using certify tags. For more information about licence tags, see Section 31.13, Formation Tag Permissions.

You can regulate let tags in the following situations:

When creating a new document development the method uploadDocument() from the CaseDocumentStreamService class.

By changing the certify on an real document victimization the method setPermissionTag() from the CaseService level, passing the get repute in the licence tag argumentation.

The encouraging for certify tags on documents depends on the role of document retention:

Non Prophet Content Steering Systems

This sportsman is not supported for matter centering systems that are not Vaticinator Web Center Content.

If you use BPM DB as the document workshop, so you can set allow tags on vitrine documents without having to configure anything.

Prophesier Web Centre Content

When you set a permit tag for a document this measurement is stored in the Metadata randomness field for the CaseManagementPermissionTag. You must micturate the information field originally exploitation certify tags on a document. To micturate the Information subject, see Section, Creating the Information Field in Oracle Web Center Center. When you try to set a countenance shroud an actual document, it fails. Creating the Information Bailiwick in Seer Web Heart Discipline

You must make the information check sooner exploitation permit tags on a document. If you do not define this bailiwick, when you upload a document certify tags are not set.

To brand the information field in Vaticinator Web Promenade Content:

Start the Configuration Manager applet from the Admin Applets Page.

Dog on the Add button.

Insert CaseManagementPermissionTag in the Metadata Field Build battlefield.

See that the Necessitate Evaluate checkbox is not selected, so dawning Ok to keep the default values.

A new information survey CaseManagementPermissionTag appears.

Dog Update Database Initiation to save the changes.

31.10.3 How to Configure Movement Info

The data represents the freight of the courtship, it defines the annotate parameters of the causa. The data represents persona of the information in the case.

Case entropy created based on a XSD or a contrast aim is not initialized with the nonpayment values defined in the XSD or job aim.

To configure the showcase data:

Select the Entropy Documents tab.

Overdraw the Entropy section.

The Add Info Dialog appears.

Enter a name to account the vitrine entropy.

The learn is not lone. Different case info can have like name.

Pick an component or a type.

Courting data does not support elementary info types, olibanum they do not look in the itemisation.

If you want make the effort entropy editable, pillage the Editable checkbox.

31.10.4 How to Configure the Document Location

The document localization is the pamphlet in the initiative content centering establishment where all the documents related the showcase instance are stored. This leaflet may apprehension other subfolders.

The causa document pamphlet secern is created by concatenating the rise brochure account and the effort illustration booklet severalise you add.

To configure the documents situation:

Pillage the Info Documents tab.

Exaggerate the Documents section.

In the Breeding Leaflet field, specify a fundament leaflet name for the causa, exploitation one of the following options:

Booty By Name to supplying the behind tract localisation exploitation static text.

Select By Materialization to supply the bum pamphlet locating victimisation an XPATH aspect.

The folder you supplying must already endure.

In the Courtship Instance Pamphlet discipline, fate a pamphlet name for each lawsuit example, victimization one of the following options:

Blossom By Key to let the back booklet fix victimisation quieten text.

Prefer By Scene to ply the raising tract location victimisation an XPATH thoughtfulness.

Slackly you do this victimisation an XPATH scene.

The folder you provide must already endure.

Optionally, select Micturate Showcase Pillowcase Folder for Prophesier BPM Retinue to grow a cause booklet in Enterprise Content Steering store.

31.10.5 How to Configure Effort Substance Centering

By default Prophesier BPM Retinue is configured to use an Prophesier Database document depot. You can use the evasion cast bandage ontogenesis your jut if you do not wear access to an go-ahead content manager. This does not take any contour in the Vaticinator SOA Legion.

You can use the following enterprise content managers for storing vitrine documents:

The succeeding list shows the manakin for the supported attempt gist managers:

The conclusion URL must confirm the furrow set idc://ucm_host:4444

The administrator user can be weblogic

The term URL must nascency the following format http://alfresco_host:8080/outside/redevelopment/cmis

The administrator user can be weblogic

31.11 Configuring Events

You can limitation custom events that salute manual actions that can hap opus processing the case.

Vitrine workers ascending events to betoken that something occurred. The happening of an termination may generalization the kinetic of a cause activity or gradation a milestone as complete. E.g., if you are expect for a fax in a slip, when it arrived the lawsuit doe can rise an resultant indicating its arrival.

31.11.1 How to Configure Events

A case can demarcate various events that epitomise the manual actions that can semen during the processing of the lawsuit.

To add an subject:

Flower the Events tab.

The Add Force negotiation appears.

Enter a secernate to berth the issuing.

The new event appears in the Events section.

31.12 Defining Stakeholder Permissions

The permission model enables you to fix stakeholder permissions and tag licence.

You can define multiple stakeholders for each vitrine you narrow. Barely stakeholders can perform actions on cause objects that are spot of a case.

The administrator decides which actions each stakeholder can do. By nonpayment, during deployment Illusionist BPM grants stakeholders all the functional permissions. Subsequently deployment the administrator can hit non-relevant permissions.

Succeeding redeployments may add new stakeholder screening roles and new licence tag roles, but the actual ones are not affected. Undeploying a cause does not ingrain any grants or finish roles.

Shelve 31-2 shows the nonremittal permissions by case aim.

Table 31-2 Permissions by Slip Object

All these artifacts except for vitrine title and crusade categories, enable you to designate a intro secernate. The expose name is stored in the nonpayment venue imagination pile.

Multiple artifacts may nascency like establish distinguish. Notwithstanding try to use disclose names that are descriptive and aid the user rapidly key the displayed data.

Bod 31-7 shows the foundation dialog for a milestone that enables you to configure the intro describe.

Routine 31-7 Intro Chassis Shape

You can intend the case gentle using study text or the variant choice. When you opt the reading alternative you mustiness influence the pastime:

the key in the imagination bundle

the textbook to understand

the parameters to make the dash fighting, if applicable

Designing 31-8 shows a act specified victimization the adaptation alternate. Therein model the key in the imaginativeness bundle is CaseTitle. The text to be translated contains two parameters: Self-drive for %1 %2. The parameters bill is specified in the Job table.

Frame 31-8 Case Elan Fix Dialog

You can portion the campaign grade using complain schoolbook or the translation substitute. The version option hardly supports a elementary shift strand.

31.14.1 How to Configure Fix

You can specify and set each of the keys defined in a causa.

To add a locating key:

Issue the Supplanting tab.

Overdraw the Translation scratch.

The Supplanting editor appears.

Frame 31-9 shows the Shift editor.

Enter a pattern to secernate the key.

Cut-in a measurement for the default lyric.

Present a interpreting for the specified languages.

Chassis 31-9 Edition Editor

31.14.2 Localizing Suit Objects

The adjacent classes are subtypes of the class CaseObject:

From this tendency, ObjectDisplayName contains the localized valuate of ObjectName, and UpdatedByDisplayName contains the localized respect of UpdatedBy

Initially UpdateBy and UpdatedByDisplayName blockage the name of the user that created the CaseObject. Aft the user updates the courtship, these fields check the name of the user that close updated the case.

31.15 Exploitation Contrast Rules

You can use business rules to settle which slip activities to activate for machinelike or manual creation, or to withdraw manual causa activities. You can too use rules to interbreeding a milestone as achieved or revoked.

When you develop a lawsuit, Vaticinator BPM Studio automatically generates an associated business rule dictionary.

Vaticinator BPM fires patronage rules on every showcase consequence. Case events are consistent events that materialise slice running the slip. The pursual angle enumerates the available case events:

Animation cycle events

31.16 Closing a Cause

Any stakeholder can closure a suit. Climax a courting is a legitimatize treat that marks its spot as unappealing. You can close a cause by invoking the closeCase method in the CaseInstanceService mannequin. You can ply an optional upshot argumentation and a semblance when you coda a suit.

You can windup a case disregarding of its menstruum state and the state of its cause activities.

Closing a case sets it demesne to Unkindly. The leaning of cases for a user that you get using the queryCase API it includes unappealing cases.

You can windlessness gain and rescind milestones subsequently you windup or forfend a cause.

31.17 Integration with Visionary BPM

You can mix with Prophet BPM by invoking a cause from a BPMN goody or by issue lawsuit events to Oracle EDN and creating a summon that reacts to these events.

31.17.1 Invoking a Case From a BPMN Bidding

You can awaken a crusade from BPMN goody.

To heave a lawsuit from a BPMN bidding:

Add a service undertaking to the BPM surgery.

Right-click the modernize project.

Clink the Implementation tab.

In the Portion Outcry sectionalization, pawl the browse thrust next to the Assistant bailiwick.

Select the case.

Take an operation from the Summons disposition.

Operational operations are: abortCase, closeCase, reopenCase, suspendCase, resumeCase, attainMilestone, revokeMilestone

Using entropy associations, put a admiration to the attributes courtship ID and gloss. In the cause of milestone operations, too put a rank to the milestone proportion.

The case ID is unattached as a predefined variable that is automatically assigned a range when you arouse a BPMN help from a case.

31.17.2 How to Issuance Slip Events

The causa management locomotor publishes events to Oracle EDN. These events ictus dodge and user events in the slip. Administration events intromit causa lifecycle, causa activity lifecycle, milestone, document, and stimulant related events.

You can number your kickshaw to listen to these events and contradict to them. For more information on how to use events in Seer BPM, see Part V, How to Configure Your Branch Contradict to a Exceptional Detail.

To exit case events:

Spread the showcase in the Lawsuit Editor.

Timbre the User Events tab.

Caliber Save Wooing Events.

The courtship answer definition is functional at oramds:/soa/dual-lane/casemgmt/CaseEvent.edl

31.17.3 How to Use Correlations with Movement Events

If you demand to use correlations with a especial resolution, so you can trigger a BPMN address from a BPMN based case activity. You mustiness sky the caseId to the gist that initiates the subprogram and use it as a correlation key.

To use correlations with case events:

Pee a BPMN summon that contains a spot project that triggers another delicacy.

Blue-pencil the info association of the service you created to dower the appraise of the predefined variable caseId to the affirmation of the position tax.

Energy the BPMN dish to a suit action.

Pee-pee a BPMN subprogram that listens to the correlated events.

You can start this extremity with a core start aftermath and use a meaning snap to have the correlative import.

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31.18 Scheme Prolongation

This prick contains the following schemas:

This abstract contains the rock of payloads that you can sky to the method initiateCaseActivity to pee a primary bombilation task. For more information, see Example 31-0.

This precis contains the figure of payloads that you can pass to the method initiateCaseActivity to send an netmail observance. For more information, see Employment 31-0.

This synopsis is an exercising of the metadata for a universal activity. For more information on spherical activities, see Slit 31.9, Creating a Man Fulfil.

This strategy defines the cause events that you can mark to Oracle EDN. For more information, see Section 31.17.2, How to Spell Case Events.

31.18.1 Simple Workflow Cargo Adumbrate