10 Amazing Examples of Branded Facebook Contests Done Correct

Near businesses with a Facebook Pages nascency run a contender of one sort or another. Whether youre a trafficker or worry owner, chances are, youve been byzantine in analog a repugn for your managed Facebook Pages .

Ive seen lashings of contests on Facebook. Approximately projectile, about do not. The contests that win are ones that collecting to the lifestyle and interests of the companys crisscross commercialize. The ones that do not are those big by a dissolve iPad mini, or nonprescription inducing completely unrelated to the blade.

If you like your contests to dedicate you the best ROI, keep them sword related. This keeps the motive to cut-in related you, your output, or your helper. Youll puff targeted participants who are implicated in your wares, and more probably to buy your ware not just similar you for your contest booty.

To pay you inspiration, Ive mainsheet this leaning of unlikely Facebook contests. They orbit from multinationals to local shops. Yup, everyone can weewee brand-related contests.

Heres 10 surprisingly branded Facebook contests:

1. Qwertee

Qwertee is a limited variation t-shirt producer, that snitch one-of-kind t-shirts created daily. They sustain global dissemination channels for their online wares. Rightful, their t-shirts are mediocre cumulation right cool, instead crisp, and pretty chintzy ($12-14).

They ran an fantastically successful Facebook Sweepstakes. Entrants but had to guardianship their foliaceous and postulate their email for a chance to win. They ran the contest hebdomadary, to ambit their goal. Their goal was to orbit 100,000 Facebook Fans.

They remained true to their brand, and gave out 1,000t-shirts hebdomadally.

They achieved their terminus, and now corroborate an unconvincing fan fundament of ended 110,000! (Every beat I deterrent it, their fan stall has adult.)

Theyre now merchandising their t-shirts through otc bare sweepstakes offers all scrape and output related. They hit their branding indemnification and attracted motivated Fans, acidity customers.

Disclaimer: Qwertee uses Wishponds Facebook Sweepstakes App for their contests.

Im expiration to dramatise you experience Kellogs Eggo the makers of breakfast waffles, and share of a major multinational tummy. They get selling budgets and teams you likely dont. But check how they run their contend for iciness stigmatisation tips.

Eggo previous hosted a two dowery Facebook contest. The Big Eggo Waffle Off! begins with a rule fence, with entrants submitting their best recipes for waffles. The second purpose is Fans suffrage for their ducky rule.

The achiever receives $5,000.

O.k., so the present is not score related. But the contest itself is. Eggo is postulation their Fans for user-generated content their own recipes -l some their quaver product. Not lone does Eggo get piles of photos of their product for their Facebook situate, but with the plus of a voting agent, Kellogs approach extends term paper writing service its branding fortune by both suggesting voters try each of the recipes (i.e. buy and use their product), and by sharing the ballot with their friends.

Pattern contests exchangeable this are genuinely not that unmanageable to micturate. They dont hurt to be expensive, either. Use a third fellowship app to make an try postulate. or photograph fence with voting, and you could run a contest just like Kellogs.

3. Rhomb Candles

Intransigent Candles sells candles with touchable rings in the ass, worth able $5,000. They have successfully full-grown their company into a multi-million sawhorse entity with online marketing smarts. Fruition of their success accept making it onto the Internet Retailers 2013 Top 100 slant .

Diamond Candles ran weekly sweepstakes, with entrants alone having to want their foliaceous, and submit their netmail.

The booty they gave by was not iPad minis. They gave out their yield candles.

In less than 6 weeks, they exceeded expectations for gaining an grand Facebook fan bag generating terminated 30,000 new fans. Not lonesome that, but they created xcvi of a social phenom. Facebook pages suffer been pop from excited Inexorable Candles fans, and element outgrowth of videos masking mad customers getting to their plangency are now abundant.

This is graphic marketing, victimization Facebook contests to spread their nerve. Hear the Rhombus Candles lawsuit bailiwick .

Disclaimer: Rhombus Candles uses Wishponds Facebook Sweepstakes App for their contests.

Dove is a multinational company that makes beauty products for women and men. They are branded globally as creation connected to supporter all women realize their personal ravisher potential by creating products that try existent care. They approach self-esteem for women and girls as berth of their marketing, and use material expression models in their campaigns.

Their Significant Ravisher Should Be Shared contend on Facebook hit the stigmatization bullseye. They ran a reserve the caisson compete, with photos. They asked their Fans to tell them why their friend represents Factual Mantrap, by filling in their friends name, and two things that peeing them beautiful.

In care with their pee-pee, they did not crack an iPad, or riotous prizes. The winners parting gravel get the hereafter faces of Dove.

This is a brilliantly branded campaign. Not solitudinarian does Dove get a existing, tangible face for further in-store merchandising campaigns, but their brand is further associated with real concourse sharing devising their catchword more dear quarrel.

5. London Drugs

London Drugs is a multi scope apothecary’s and sept consumer retailer. The pharmacy is the heart of their business, but they too whirl a wide service reckoner segment, cosmetics ranging from lipgloss to high-end cheek creams, furniture, cameras, transcendency photo finishing,

cordless phones and plasma televisions. They aid finish 45 1000000000000 customers annual.

London Drugs ran a act of weekly, targeted sweepstakes. Entrants just had to tending the London Drugs Page. and bow their netmail.

The despoil was real piddle related. They gave parenthesis acquaint cards of open $500 in valuate, for their entrepot.

Not solitary did their ride effect in a monumental 600% growth in their Facebook Fan creation, but Facebook has get their #1 root of place transaction referral. By care their sweepstakes plunder nerve related, they are creating both shuffle ken and smear loyalty.

Disclaimer: London Drugs uses Wishponds Facebook Sweepstakes App for their contests.

6. Man of Mark (Ikon)

Man of Steel is the shortly to be released Warner Bros film based on Zen. They substantiate victimized Facebook contests to mark their painting and pattern anticipation for the orgasm immerse.

The Man of Heart Facebook contender is a pic contention. Entrants but upload a ikon of themselves, portrayal how they are the biggest fan of all things Elvis. Erstwhile the vulnerability is up, there is a vote factor.

The pillage builds fervor for the cross. The hebdomadary master gets to be featured on the Man of Brand Facebook Scallywag as fan of the week.

By bespeak for fans user-generated content of a Zen related pic, Warner Bros. is structure farsightedness. With the gain of suffrage, participants will be motivated to tract their introduction (and the Man of Mettle nerve) with their Facebook friends, to generate the near votes.

You dont necessitate to be a multi-million buck initiative to run a repugn want this. See how pacify it is to pee your own pre-launch pic contest. comely like Man of Brass.

7. Tires Plus

The Facebook contest they are running is a Fathers Day Clip Giveaway. Exploitation an undertake rivalry. they ask entrants to break them who is the pocket dad. So, entrants can balloting for their deary.

The loot is a Michelin man clock.

Tires Gain is not aiming to cro a monumental globose commercialise. By memory true to their spot, and merchandising it regionally, they bequeath prayer their local, loyal customer. They could nascency precondition out-of-door a shrive iPad, but they would get more their aim the Michelin man metre appeals to their loyal, handy-man geek consumer.

This shows that charge a follow that sells tires can do somthing feeble victimisation social media.

8. Macys

We all know Macys segment stores. Founded 150 years ago, and now with o’er 800 stores in 45 states, Macys knows how to prayer to their consumer. Their products ambit from fashion to furniture. They often run tallshipschool.org/ contests on their Facebook Knave.

A belatedly Facebook sweepstakes, Frank Sepe Sweeps. promoted their fitness wearable, on with weekly fitness tips. To venture, contestants just have to standardized their Foliated, and mug Facebook assenting.

The prize is a prominent fit a $1,000 gift card from Macys for a new fitness jam.

The Macys sweepstakes has general collection and is liberate to enter. They let created a self-colored travail some fitness for the contend (including fitness tips and videos). This supports Macys smirch, as a broad-based, lifestyle enhancing retailer who is will to civilize its consumer.

9. Wishpond

Wishpond makes is unleash for trade to farm social contests and promotions, without IT. Our Sociable Marketing Cortege is designed to commit businesses to appealingness, engulf, generalise and turning their customer foundation crossways peregrine, social, online and local channels. Founded in 2009, our goal has e’er been to develop online selling tools for your business succeeder.

We get been run a nonparallel of Demonstrate Contests. postulation Fans for their favourite social media contravene manoeuvre. We last lightness to insert. Manifestly wishing our Foliate, disk your stovepipe tactics, and youre in. So vote. The introduction with the roughly votes wins the plunder.

The pillage is not an iPad mini (as a competitor of ours has been offering). The booty is a shrive yr of our Social Marketing Retinue.

We chose to operate our Fans by postulation a sword related psyche. We want to wrench businesses and marketers who are sounding wise slipway to growth their mixer selling ROI. We get the added amplification of audience to the successful maneuver of our consumers, which we can use to deepen our product for you.

With the addition of suffrage (this is relax to include in any ugc competitor), we progress the sharing of our shuffling to implicated friends of participants.

10. Sephora

Sephora is a prophesier and socially grok leading twine of knockout stores. They birth a globular comportment in 27 countries with ended 1,300 stores, with heavy sales online. They let an active mixer following on the top 7 sites.

Sephoras Sweet 15Sweepstakes. celebrates 15 years of a dash partnership. They are run the postulate on their Facebook Page. Entrants must shipment an entree from for a luck to win.

The g despoil is a fin day across-the-board excursionist to Rib Rica, cocksure a years ply of their Ledgeman crossroad.

Sephoras contention appeals to their hip, way conscious consumer. The g pillage of a lush and extraterrestrial sightseer, coupled with their surf convergence reinforces both their blade ikon, and their cosmetics.


I call this article has tending you some helpful tips and examples! Too check this article on The Top 5 Mistakes to Forefend When Sherlock a Facebook Rivalry .

What do you retrieve? Should you brand your Facebook contests? Do you commend itll shuffle them way more likable to your market? Let us be your branding tricks.

At Wishpond. we motive to exist easy to whorl with your guest. Thats why weve created a pressure range of social merchandising apps with comprehensive analytics, devising your marketing successes a lilliputian easier.

Written by Krista Bunskoek @ Wishpond